Singularity 2.2.1 Security Release

For the full release announcement and downloads, please see the release on Github. This release includes a fix for a Moderate Severity security issue, and other improvements to version 2.2. Security information: In versions of Singularity previous to 2.2.1, it was possible for a malicious user to...

HPC Roundup of 2016

If you weren’t aware, 2016 was a wild ride for HPC! Check HPC Wire’s fast rewind of 2016, including everything from people to watch to containers to public policy and the unfortunate state of things. Thanks to all of our users and contributers to an amazing 2016, and...

Containers at SC on the D&G Podcast

Jamie Duncan from RedHat describes containers in enterprise and HPC on the D&G podcast. Listen for Singularity, and Jamie describing its amazing uptake within the scientific community - around 14:50. If you missed Supercomputing, it might be interesting to hear how the uptake was perceived!

Qlustar announces Singularity support

On behalf of the Qluster team, we are proud to share the news that Qlustar now supports Singularity! From the words of the team: …just wanted to let you know that Qlustar now supports Singularity out of the box and in addition, we provide up-to-date Debian...

Birds of a Feather for Singularity at SC 2016

On behalf of Greg, the BoF will be on Thursday at 10:00 a.m, hosted by a group from Aeon Computing. There will be no vendor pitch, just a casual place to hang out and chat about technical stuff and whatever else. Aeon is also pitching in...

Singularity Eases Scientific Computing

Greg Kurtzer comments on the rise of containers, and how Singularity is ideal for scientists. Read the news article at HPC Wire.

Singularity 2.2 release

It is with great pleasure that I announce the general availability of Singularity version 2.2! Here’s what’s in store for version 2.2 from your favorite Git clone, download, or distribution vendor: A complete rework of the back end source code to allow a much larger feature set, sanity, and...

Welcome to Singularity

We are happy to announce that the new Singularity site is underway! We will be adding the following: Updated FAQ Detailed docs with examples and asciinema Release notes and links to all releases Getting started instructions and tutorials Information on how to contribute Stay tuned as...

Interview with Greg Kurtzer on HPC Admin

HPC admin features the main developer of Singularity, Greg Kurtzer, in an interview! Read it here!

HPC Admin Features Singuarity

Admin HPC featured Singularity in the press! Read the article online at Admin HPC

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