This module allows you to build a Suse style container from a mirror URI.


Use the zypper module to specify a base for a Suse-like container. You must also specify a URI for the mirror you would like to use.


Bootstrap: zypper

The Bootstrap keyword is always mandatory. It describes the bootstrap module to use.

OSVersion: 42.2

The OSVersion keyword is optional. It specifies the OS version you would like to use. It is only required if you have specified a %{OSVERSION} variable in the MirrorURL keyword.


The MirrorURL keyword is mandatory. It specifies a URL to use as a mirror when downloading the OS.

Include: somepackage

The Include keyword is optional. It allows you to install additional packages into the core operating system. It is a best practice to supply only the bare essentials such that the %post section has what it needs to properly complete the build. One common package you may want to install when using the zypper build module is zypper itself.