USAGE: singularity [...] import <container path> [import from URI]

Import takes a URI and will populate a container with the contents of
the URI. If no URI is given, import will expect an incoming tar pipe.

The size of the container you need to create to import a complete system
may be significantly larger than the size of the tar file/stream due to
overheads of the container filesystem.

note: This command must be executed as root if you intend to operate on
      a Singularity image.


    http/https: Pull an image using curl over HTTPD
    docker:     Pull an image from the Docker repository
    file:       Use a local file (same as just passing local path)


    .tar, .tar.gz, .tgz, .tar.bz2


    Once you have created the base image template:

    $ sudo singularity create /tmp/Debian.img

    You can then import:

    $ gunzip -c debian.tar.gz | sudo singularity import /tmp/Debian
    $ sudo singularity import /tmp/Debian.img debian.tar.gz
    $ sudo singularity import /tmp/Debian.img file://debian.tar.gz
    $ sudo singularity import /tmp/Debian.img
    $ sudo singularity import /tmp/Debian.img docker://ubuntu:latest

More details coming soon.