Hi Singularity Community!

Thanks to everyone that provided comments on the early draft for SCIF. The goals were initially:

I’m (@vsoch) happy to report that I’ve finished the above, and I’d like to ask the following:

  • if you contributed, please check the AUTHORS file in the SCI-F repository to make sure that I added you, and spelled your name correctly (apologies in advance).
  • Any further suggestions, additions, or entire new contributions can be added to the draft by way of pull request. I’m not in any rush, and if you have a good contribution, I want to help.
  • If you have not contributed yet and would like to, see the ideas linked on the specification.

The plan is (as of now) to submit this no later than the end of October, and I want to make sure everyone that wants to contribute has had ample chance. Indeed, with Singularity there are many ways to cook your container, and SCIF definitely exemplifies that.


Thanks again everyone!