Notice to all Singularity users, contributors, and collaborators

This is an important announcement from Greg Kurtzer, founder and lead developer of Singularity.

Singularity continues to gain popularity and traction very quickly. This growth has been extremely demanding on my time and is outpacing my ability to sustain the broad amount of use cases for the rapidly expanding community with me working on it only part time. In order to meet this rapidly expanding growth, I have created a new organization, SingularityWare, LLC, which is dedicated to further developing Singularity, supporting the associated open source community and growing the project. To facilitate this, I have partnered with a company, RStor, Inc.

RStor is not only interested in the success of Singularity, as an open source, scientific enabling platform, but they are bringing their own very compelling and much needed cloud based storage/RDM platform to market. A partnership like this (containerized computing coupled with a cloud based storage platform) offers a very exciting and synergistic value to research computing.

In addition to continuing my leadership of Singularity (and the new LLC), I will be maintaining my association with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as a scientific advisor as well as continuing other efforts I am associated with (e.g. Warewulf and OpenHPC).

This means that I now have the resources and ability to both offer support for Singularity and hire key developers, and I would like to invite interested people to send me your resume! I am looking to hire both part time and full time staff engineers as well as University collaborations to fund interns, graduates and postdocs for Singularity development and relevant involvement.

Aside from additional resources, dedication, attention, and growth, the overall direction of the project will remain the same.

If you have any questions, comments or want to be part of this exciting new endeavor, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you!