This module allows you to build a Debian/Ubuntu style container from a mirror URI.


Use the debootstrap module to specify a base for a Debian-like container. You must also specify the OS version and a URI for the mirror you would like to use.


Bootstrap: debootstrap

The Bootstrap keyword is always mandatory. It describes the bootstrap module to use.

OSVersion: xenial

The OSVersion keyword is mandatory. It specifies the OS version you would like to use. For Ubuntu you can use code words like trusty (14.04), xenial (16.04), and yakkety (17.04). For Debian you can use values like stable, oldstable, testing, and unstable or code words like wheezy (7), jesse (8), and stretch (9).


The MirrorURL keyword is mandatory. It specifies a URL to use as a mirror when downloading the OS.

Include: somepackage

The Include keyword is optional. It allows you to install additional packages into the core operating system. It is a best practice to supply only the bare essentials such that the %post section has what it needs to properly complete the build.


In order to use the debootstrap build module, you must have debootstrap installed on your system. On Ubuntu you can install it like so:

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install debootstrap

On CentOS you can install it from the epel repos like so:

$ sudo yum update && sudo yum install epel-release && sudo yum install debootstrap.noarch