It is with great pleasure that I announce the general availability of Singularity version 2.1! This is the second release in the 2.x series and includes the following features over and above the previous release:

Feature additions:

  • Configuration file for system administrator control over what Singularity features users are allowed to use
  • Support for non Gnu LibC based distributions (e.g. Alpine Linux)
  • Source file restructuring and refactoring
  • Added message(), and enabled very verbose debugging
  • Be smarter about when to avoid separation of the PID namespace
  • Log container runs to syslog()
  • Support custom container environments (via container:/environment)
  • Sanitized source files for Flawfinder

Bug fixes:

  • Fix bug with /run and /var directories being read only in some situations
  • Fix lots of bootstrap definition issues
  • Fixed issue with /dev/pts not being mounted within a container
  • Resolved some issues with image file de-looping
  • Fixed bugs related to very restrictive umasks set