We have some egg-citing news! It’s the release of Singularity 2.3!

For the full release announcement and downloads, please see the release on GitHub.

There are a massive number of fixes, updates, optimizations and awesomeness contained within this release, and here are the major ones, in a nutshell:

  • Lots of backend library changes to accommodate a more flexible API
  • Restructured Python backend
  • Updated bootstrap backend to make it much more reliable
  • Direct support for Singularity-Hub
  • Ability to run additional commands without root privileges (e.g. create, import, copy, export, etc..).
  • Added ability to pull images from Singularity Hub and Docker
  • Containers now have labels, and are inspect’able

We are excited about the release, and grateful to the community and all contributors. Have fun, egglings! Please report any additional bugs as issues.

Thank you!